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David LaChapelle rose_mcgowan_

AN IMAGE OF SOME BRIGHT ETERNITY _ L’essenza archetipica incarnata dai divi nell’arte di David LaChapelle

 Fame, what you like is in the limo Fame, what you get is no tomorrow Fame, what you need you have to borrow Fame David Bowie, Fame How does it feel to be One of the beautiful people? How often have you been there? ...

Ron English , painting_kidCarSad

THE REAL AMERICA: WELCOME TO HELL, KISS KIDS! ___Dipendenza, malattia e controllo nell’arte di Ron English

 And it all got to damn much for me Just got to damn rough And I pushed away my plate And said boys I’ve had enough And I lay upon the table, another piece of meat And I open up my veins to them And  said come on, eat !! Patti ...

friendly fire

DISNEYLAND UNDER ATTACK ___ Potere, mercato e divertimento nell’arte di Max Papeschi

Come noi bambini tu sei tanto piccolin Topolin Topolin viva Topolin! Full Metal Jacket Non contaminare il sacro campo semantico dell’infanzia con delle brutte cose. Mostra solo il lato eroico, umanitario ed intelligente della ...